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Communities across Nebraska need well-trained, committed and enthusiastic healthcare professionals. UNMC’s Nurse Practitioner Fellowship Program is designed to help fill this need.

uNParalleled places a nurse practitioner in your facility to support your need for appropriate and equitable care within your community, specifically in the areas of primary care, chronic conditions and mental health.

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Enhance Your Ability to Care for Your Community

As part of this one-year fellowship program, we will integrate a licensed nurse practitioner into your clinic — helping them gain valuable experience and provide the right care for your patient population and community as a whole.

Gain a highly trained professional to work alongside you in improving community health in your local area.

Access additional support from UNMC to to further benefit your patients and team members.

Demonstrate leadership and a clear commitment to your community members, area businesses and others.

Be part of an exclusive group of primary care clinics who will help shape the Midwest’s first Nurse Practitioner Fellowship.

Designed to support community health and employment needs for Nebraska communities

Our goal is to prepare nurse practitioners to best serve the unique needs of Nebraska communities. By facilitating a more gradual introduction into the primary care environment, clinics like yours will gain highly trained, caring providers who have a strong desire to improve the health of area citizens. Below is a snapshot of what a typical week of the program may resemble.

Sample Schedule


Continuity Clinic


Didactic UNMC Training


Continuity Clinic


Continuity Clinic


Continuity Clinic

Expectations and Costs

UNMC College
of Nursing

  • UNMC College of Nursing employs Fellow
  • Responsible for 70% of salary, access to benefits and additional living stipend of $1,000+ a month
  • Provides $10,000 to clinical site for coordination and mentorship
  • Faculty Preceptor always on call for Fellow
  • Distance technology and Fellow learning platform and grant support staff
  • Access to Nebraska Collaborative Investment for Nurses

Care Clinic

  • Responsible for 30% of Fellowship salary* and all benefit costs
  • Provided with $10,000 for site coordination and mentorship
  • Mentor available to Fellow preferably two days per week
  • EHR and necessary support staff
  • Clinic keeps 100% of encounter revenue
  • Physical space and patient panel for Continuity Clinic
  • Access to community partners and referral sources

*Salary defined as $100,000

The residency gives nurse practitioners more time, experience, support and specialized training. Our residency will focus on areas that are medically underserved, ​and may be rural, where nurse practitioners are more likely to be practicing by themselves.

 LeAnn Holmes, DNP, APRN, FAANP PI:
Advanced Nursing Education Workforce Grant Program