For Nurse Practitioners

Helping nurse practitioners acclimate to a clinic and community can better equip them for long-term success. This is why UNMC offers a fellowship program unlike any other.

uNParalleled is designed to nurture and support nurse practitioners through additional knowledge and mentorship. You will be connected to a clinic near one of our UNMC College of Nursing locations and given additional support for managing medically and socially complex patients. This innovative program is designed for primary care NP graduates and includes a focus on integrative mental health.

Join The Program

uNParalleled is now accepting rolling applications for our nurse practitioner fellowship program. Fellowship cohorts begin each October and last 12 months.

Start your application for the next cohort by filling out the linked form below.

Build an Unparalleled Career

This one-year fellowship program connects you with a primary care clinic and thoughtfully immerses you into integrated primary care with behavioral health. uNParalleled is intended to promote health equity, support workforce wellness and nurture resiliency.

Bring your knowledge and skills to a clinic that serves medically and socially complex patients.

Gain additional support from UNMC to maximize your experience, benefitting patients and team members alike.

Get to know a community on a deeper level, including local businesses, community members and others.

Be part of an exclusive group of NPs who will have an opportunity to influence UNMCs Nurse Practitioner Fellowship.

Designed to support community health and employment needs for Nebraska communities

Our goal is to prepare nurse practitioners to best serve the unique needs of Nebraska communities. Through this fellowship we are facilitating a more gradual introduction into the primary care environment, giving nurse practitioners a deeper understanding of complex healthcare environments and helping them gain a greater sense of purpose in the communities they serve. Below offers a snapshot of what a typical week of the program may resemble.

Being surrounded by excellent nurse practitioners made the work easier and made me proud to have chosen this career.

Anne Lano, APRN, FNP-C:
Director of Student Health, University of Nebraska at Kearney
uNParalleled Cohort 2021-22

Ann Lano a member of the 2021-2022 uNParalleled Cohort

Sample Schedule


Continuity Clinic


Didactic UNMC Training


Continuity Clinic


Continuity Clinic


Continuity Clinic

Fall 2024 Cohort Locations

Charles Drew Health Center

Omaha, NE

Family Nurse Practitioner Fellow

Good Neighbor Community Health Center

Columbus, NE
Fremont, NE

Family Nurse Practitioner Fellow

Midtown Health Center

Norfolk, NE
Madison, NE
West Point, NE

Family Nurse Practitioner Fellow

Expectations and benefits


  • At least 3 years of experience as a Registered Nurse
  • Recent (within past 18 months) graduate of Master’s or Doctoral Graduate Nurse Practitioner program
  • Board certification in Family Practice, Adult Primary Care, Pediatric Primary Care or Women’s Health
  • Nebraska state APRN licensure
  • Federal DEA certification


  • 12 months of specialized skills training and advanced clinical knowledge
  • Detailed continuing education focused on primary care, rural and underserved patient populations, SDOH, mental health, reliance and burnout
  • Full-time UNMC employee salary of $100,000 with full benefits and monthly living stipend
  • Development of community, social and referral base
  • Strong support system including:
    • 1:1 Preceptor to confer and discuss cases
    • Supportive on-site mentor
    • Peer group learning
  • Strong expectation for employment post fellowship
  • Expectation of during- and post-fellowship feedback to UNMC

The fellowship gives nurse practitioners more time, experience, support and specialized training. Our fellowship will focus on areas that are medically underserved, ​and may be rural, where nurse practitioners are more likely to be practicing by themselves.

 LeAnn Holmes, DNP, APRN, FAANP PI:
Advanced Nursing Education Workforce Grant Program